#Workshop with #DameJanetSuzman Feb 8th - Shakespeare and Manias

This will explore #melancholy and #mania focusing on the perennially Eeyorish Jaques in As You Like It & the unrepentent psychopath Iago in Othello.

Mary Chater 0 1743

This workshop is the second Shakespeare in Italy is running in partnership with PropsMental Health @PropsMHealth for our 15 minute playwriting competition 'Lockdown, Taboo and You.' for info re: submissions etc

Suzman knows better than most it is partly the full throttle, no holds barred poetry of Shakespeare that, for modern readers, makes him such an effective lightning rod for the soul.
"The Elizabethans weren't frightened of words in the way we are today," says Suzman. " We've reduced language to the size of a Tweet, and use banal little emoticons to express very complex feelings. Whereas Shakespeare is a black piste writer; all his characters are on a precipice."
Of course, Shakespeare would never have heard the words "mental health" bandied about in Elizabethan England. Suzman dismisses the term entirely believing it, " far too bland an expression to use in relation to a writer who is the most exciting to have ever lived."

#playwrighting #tips shared with us by #DrEmilyGarside for #competition 'Lockdown, Taboo and You

After her excellent workshop on #February 1st on #playwrighting, Emily has shared a pdf stuffed full of #helpful #advice

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Dr Emily Garside has masses of experience as a writer in different fields - please see a brief summary of her work.

Emily trained in Montreal and at RADA before doing a PhD which looked at theatrical responses to the AIDS crisis and the evolution of LGBTQ+ theatre. She teaches at the University of Wolverhampton, Bishopsgate Institute and runs courses for London Playwrights. As a theatre critic and journalist Emily writes regularly for The Queer Review, American Theatre, Wales Arts Review and many others.

Snacking on Shakespeare - #testimonials from #over50's to combat #isolation & #loneliness with #GettingTogetherMatters

#Testimonials for SNACKING ON SHAKESPEARE with Getting Together Matters, part of #VolunteeringMatters UK charity no 291222

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In autumn 2019, Shakespeare in Italy UK based founders Julian Curry and Mary Chater started running Snacking on Shakespeare sessions as #volunteers in #Brighton as part of the #LivingWellFestival for the #over50's.

People sat in a circle, read scenes, discussed them and then stood them up in pairs and / or for the group.

This follows the pattern of our #InternationalSummerSchools began in 2014 in Italy.

After running some classes in sheltered housing accommodation in downtown Brighton in Jan / Feb 2020, the first lockdown began.

Online sessions with #GettingTogetherMatters, part of UK charity #VolunteeringMatters started in October 2020 and numbers are growing all the time.

#Lockdown #TabooandYou #Workshops and #PlaywritingCompetition

#DameJanetSuzman: Shakespeare and Manias Workshop & #DrEmilyGarside : Creative writing workshop

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Playwriting Competition ‘Lockdown, Taboo and You’

* £200 prize for winning short play – deadline 26 February, 2021

* Dame Janet Suzman joins us for Shakespeare and Manias workshop – 7pm, 8 February, 2021

* Playwriting creative workshop with Dr Emily Garside, MA RADA – 7pm, 1 February, 2021

* tickets by donation, pay what you can afford.

For all info re: submission or anything else please contact -