About Us

We are a charity dedicated to advancing the arts, specifically drama, for the benefit of all. 

Two former Royal Shakespeare Company actors, Julian Curry and Mary Chater in association with the Italian theatre manager, Sandro Pascucci, founded the company in Italy in 2014. A successful application for charitable status was made in 2016. A programme of productions, workshops and summer schools in the UK and Italy was established with the support of a number of grants, including several from Arts Council England and other grant giving bodies.

In early 2023 a new board was put together under the chairmanship of William Ramsay. He thought so highly of what had been achieved that he set in motion the objective of taking productions and workshops to schools and prisons.

Our aim is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of drama, in particular the works of Shakespeare in order to set the themes and stories in today's world and so provide a chronicle of our times. Our audience and participants share one abundant feature, a feeling of despair and isolation in terms of how best to connect with society and realise their hopes and talents for the future.  

Our patrons are Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, and Rachel Treweek